Winder restaurant finally has its pig mural

A mural of a pig and sauce bottles has finally returned to downtown Winder.

More than six months after starting – and then halting – work on a mural showing a pig being attacked by bottles of barbeque sauce due to the mural being far larger than allowed by the local city ordinance, Smokin’ Po Boys general manager Michael Welch watched Thursday as three area artists painted a smaller, friendlier mural on the side of the building.

The concept, he said, is victory, as this time the sauce bottles carry a smiling pig, like the NFL’s Packers used to carry coach Vince Lombardi.

“It’s kind of sad that we can’t use all of the space,” he said. “But this concept may be better in terms of telling who we are.”

The artist can’t use all of the space because when they started to back in September – and then were halted by the rain – Welch was told that his mural violated a city ordinance that limited signs to 150 square feet. That initial mural was slated to cover 720 square feet.

Barrow County News 

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