Wayne superintendent resigns from school system

Wayne County School Superintendent Daryl Fineran resigned Tuesday night.

The resignation will not be effective, though, for eight months.

The Wayne County Board of Education accepted Fineran’s resignation in a 4-1 vote.

Linda Lockley-Kelly, who voted against the motion, said, “I do not believe in changing gears midstream. … I only believe in changing if there’s a dire need to do so. … I refuse to be a part of a coup d’état.”

Fineran and the Board offered no comments during the meeting, but Board Chair Ferrell Cooksey furnished reporters with a brief press release immediately after the meeting.

When asked about the resignation the following day, Fineran said, “I’m close to retirement, so I have some options. … I thought the timing was right. The school system’s in good shape. … I resigned on my own. This is my decision.”

He also said, however, “My focus is on academics and finance and safety. And there’s different agendas than mine—what my focus is on.”

When contacted Wednesday, Cooksey also stressed that Fineran made his own decision to resign: “Dr. Fineran did make the final decision to tender his resignation. And I fully support him in that.”

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