Vizio recalls 245,000 HDTVs to fix tip prone stands

Vizio’s E-Series has been excellent cheap option for big HDTVs with full-array LED backlighting that enhances picture quality, but several versions are being recalled for a serious safety issue. According to the details posted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 39- and 42-inch models sold since late last year have a stand that can fail and lead to the TV tipping over. Vizio says there haven’t been any injuries as a result of 51 tipovers reported among the recalled sets, but HDGuru points out stats indicating thousands are injured every year in such accidents — meaning we should probably all take a second look at our TV stands, or at consider a wall-mount. If you have one of the 245,000 or so TVs being recalled, the recommendation is to detach the stand immediately and request a replacement (even if yours is wall-mounted you should request one, just in case it’s taken down later). Vizio is notifying owners, and has a website where they can check their set’s serial number to see if it’s affected before requesting the fix.


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