Storms leave trail of damage across county

Weather-CowsResidents are still recovering from damages after a storm swept through most of Brantley County on late Sunday evening causing damage throughout.

The Enterprise received reports of damage from Hoboken to Waynesville, Monday morning, as residents finally got a chance to survey their property.

Some of the worst stories came from a community on Hwy. 110 East, where trees were toppled in several yards and caused some damage to property – and headaches for property owners.

Among them was Wetzel Head who had numerous trees and limbs fall in his yard with at least one limb puncturing his roof.

The storm also destroyed his fence and effortlessly mangled and tossed a large trampoline 40 yards toward the front of his property.

While the damage was fairly extensive, Head said that the mess was the largest part of the aftermath with several trees littering the front and back.

Despite the damage, Head said that the storm was extremely brief having passed over in a momentary roar – still one of the worst he had seen in over 30 years.

While severe, Head’s story was not uncommon in the neighborhood with several trees down from pines to massive live oaks littering yards for most of a mile.

It was also not uncommon around the county with residents from Waynesville to Hoboken reporting massive downed trees on the roads and on some power lines causing blackouts around the county.

At least a couple of residents also reported damage to buildings and heavily damaged vehicles due to fallen trees.

While weather reports dispute the suggestions that the night’s storms caused a tornado, residents who rode out the storm said they heard a loud roaring noise briefly pass over their roofs in several areas.

“It sounded like an Amtrak going by for a few seconds,” Hannah Dawn Boggs said. “It had me a bit concerned.”

Boggs said the storm uprooted a privacy fence and threw it into her home.

“On Post Road South several trees cross the road and there’s a power line down across the road,” Sonja Bullard said. “Sounded like a train running through my front yard.”

Frankie Helton reported several trees and damage off of Buster Walker and Fred Cooper roads as well as well as a roof completely being blown off a shed.

Meanwhile, Christina Taylor noted that her trampoline had completely gone missing during the storm.

Clear across the county, Mechell Loudermilk Croslyn reported that several trees were down in Hoboken with at least one tin roof having been damaged on one of the houses while another resident, Sarah Ellisonflake, reported a damaged building on Chicago Avenue also due to a tree.

The storm also brought out Okefenoke Rural Electric Membership Corporation (OREMC) workers who repaired lines and carefully removed partially broken trees and branches from their perch above major power lines.

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