South Beach advisory lifted on St. Simons

The Glynn County Health Department has lifted the advisory for South Beach at the Lighthouse from 9th Street to the pier on St. Simons Island. The advisory for St. Andrews Beach from Macy Lane to the St. Andrews picnic area on Jekyll Island remains in place.

Routine water quality tests from samples taken February 7 at both locations showed a high level of enterococci bacteria which increase the risk of gastrointestinal illness in swimmers. Subsequent samples show that bacteria levels at South Beach now within acceptable limits; therefore the advisory for that area has been lifted.

The Glynn County Health Department recommends you do not swim or wade in the water in the area under advisory. Fish and other seafood caught from this area should be thoroughly washed with fresh water and thoroughly cooked before eating as should fish or seafood caught from any waters.

The area will be retested on February 14 and the advisories will be lifted when tests show the bacteria levels meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended standards.


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