Praying Santa brings hope in chance encounter

Benson and Bryson Foster meet Santa for the first time at the Mall at Waycross.
Benson and Bryson Foster meet Santa for the first time at the Mall at Waycross.

Below is true story from a young Patterson family who had just brought their twin infant sons to meet Santa for the first time.  Frank and Sarah Foster expected a routine trip to the Waycross Mall.  What they got was a gift in the form of comforting words that neither will ever forget. And all this from a local Santa that in their eyes likely shares more in common with St. Nicholas than any they will ever meet.

We took the boys to see Santa tonight at the mall and we were not prepared for what happened.

Frank told Santa that Benson is stiff because of his cerebral palsy and he proceeded to tell us of his girl and boy twin grandchildren that were about the boys’ age.

After they took a few pictures, we went up to look at the pictures and realized we just left the babies sitting in Santa’s lap so we went to go grab them and he says, “No go ahead I have them. Go look at their pictures, but I want to speak with you when you’re done.”

We went back to him and he held out his hands and said “I want to pray for y’all. I am a praying Santa and I believe your son will be healed.”

He said the Lord spoke to him and he felt he needed to pray for Benson.

I fought tears back as he prayed for us because it was something that was so genuine, selfless, and totally unexpected.

God puts people in our path that are meant to be there and this was something we needed.

He said he wants to see us next year to see how he is doing. Thank you Santa for making our night!

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