Rep. John Barrow tours U.S. Energy Sciences in Vidalia


U.S. Energy Sciences is involved in lighting technology.
Source: Southeast Georgia Today


Vice President Joe Biden to visit Savannah’s port
Source: Savannah Morning News

• Biden to visit Savannah, Charleston in mid September
Vice President Biden will visit both seaports before a trip to the Panama Canal; both ports are seeking federal funds to deepen their harbors.


• Political Insider: Joe Biden to visit the Port of Savannah
“Vice President Joe Biden will visit the Port of Savannah on Sept. 16, along with its neighbor/rival in Charleston. The trip comes just before Biden takes a look at the Panama Canal.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sen. Saxby Chambliss calls for U.S. strikes on Syria
“Based on available intelligence, there can be no doubt the Assad regime is responsible for using chemical weapons on the Syrian people,” said Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. “Short of putting troops on the ground, I believe a meaningful military response is appropriate.”


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