PETA wants to ground Kennesaw State’s live owl mascot

A local university’s use of a live predatory bird as a mascot has garnered negative attention from a national activist group.

After sending repeated requests to Kennesaw State University, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has posted an action alert on its website where concerned people can send a letter petitioning the university to ground the live owl.

The controversial bird is a great horned owl, which is expected to grow to six pounds with a five-foot wing span and live up to 60 years.

KSU’s live mascot Sturgis, named after Horace Sturgis who served as the institution’s first president, made its debut in the second annual “Flight Night” in October.

In an announcement by PETA about the effort to end Sturgis’ public career, the group said an arena packed with yelling fans, flashing lights and a booming sound system is no place for a solitary, nocturnal owl.

via The Marietta Daily Journal – PETA eyes ousting of Kennesaw State s live owl mascot.

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