Murder suspect was Brantley high school grad

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Jeremy Pittman’s arrest photo, left, and his facebook photo, right.

The suspect in the death of a Jacksonville man whose body was found in Camden County this week is a Brantley County High School graduate who listed Kingsland as his address on his Facebook page and worked at the U.S. Post Office in Kingsland, although his most recent address was in the 2200 block of Lake Shore Boulevard in Jacksonville, according to the Jacksonville Police Department.

The body of 20-year-old Robert Glenn Hucks was found by hunters in a wooded area of Camden County called Browntown. He was last seen leaving a Jacksonville’s Metro night club — a gay and lesbian bar which describes itself as a “the largest gay and lesbian GLBTQ venue in the State of Florida featuring a total of 7 unique Themed Clubs and Rainbows & Stars gift shop under one roof” — with Jeremy Christian Pittman, 34, who graduated from Brantley County High School in 1998.

The two went to Pittman’s residence where they argued after which Hucks wanted to be taken home, but he was murdered instead, officials said.

A relative of Hucks said he had recently moved to Jacksonville from the Atlanta area.

“He just always wanted to live in Florida,” she said. “He was gay and he felt like he fit in there.”

Comments on Pittman’s Facebook page reflected shock that he had killed Hucks, who also went by the name Ryan Ray Gibson.

“Jeremy Pittman!!!!! I am astonished right now!!! I can’t believe you murdered Ryan Ray Gibson! I was having a fantastic day until I just received a phone call from a mutual friend telling me what has happened to Ryan! This deeply saddens me in many ways… gosh, man! Things like this should NEVER happen!!!!!” said one.

“What have you done!!!!!!!!???????” said another.

Pittman’s Facebook page also shows him with friends at New Vision Congregational United Church of Christ in Jacksonville and an Out Jax meeting.

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  • February 1, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    You could have at least cited me as the one who posted those remarks. I know it’s not plagiarism because you got it from Facebook– but my name is clearly attached to my statements. Veryyyyyyy poor journalism!!!


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