Spotting a woman in a full Army combat uniform, some men launching a boat near the ruins of the old Gilman Paper Co. probably thought they had figured out why she was overdressed for a warm Saturday morning.

But when they asked Kela Holmes if she was in the National Guard, she answered, “No. We are filming a movie.”

That could become a familiar reply to a lot of future questions around Camden County. Thanks to the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance, or CGFA, more and more directors are choosing locations in Camden County to shoot their projects.

Holmes is one of the stars of “The Debt,” a new film from Mahmoud Shoolizadeh. The screenplay for the movie explores the effects post-traumatic stress disorder has on soldiers returning from war. Shoolizadeh transformed parts of the old mill site into a war zone to shoot some scenes for the movie. That was why Holmes and her co-star, Courtney Gardner, were dressed for battle last weekend.

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