McIntosh BOE member resigns in wake of child abuse probe

A school board member in a district rocked by a child abuse investigation is stepping down.

Sonya Wallace Lumley, a school board member for District 4, submitted her resignation to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

“My service on the school board is adversely affecting my family, my church, and my health. Additionally, I feel I am unable to meet the goals I had for my service to the board under the current circumstances,” wrote Lumley in her resignation letter.

Last month a grand jury indicted three district leaders in connection with a child abuse investigation at McIntosh County Academy.

Principal Terrance Haywood, Assistant Superintendent Larry Day and Superintendent Ernestine Kirby are accused of failing to report a child abuse claim.

Police arrested Lori Quigley in April. She’s accused of having sex with two students. One sexual encounter, according to investigators, took place at a Waffle House restaurant.

School board members voted to let the accused keep their jobs.

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