Latest scam involves phony kidnap claims

Scams these days may be a dime a dozen, but for those caught unsuspecting, a single scam can cost everything.

With scammers working the telephones, the Internet and even the U.S. mail, some seem to be ever more threatening in the way they attempt to collect personal information about their victims. In fact, one of the latest maneuvers is to threaten the lives of loved ones.

The Brantley County Sheriff’s Office responded to a similar  call last week . Read about it.

When Christopher Miller answered his phone Thursday morning, the last thing he expected to hear was the voice on the phone. It was a foreign voice with a tone of urgency.

The voice said that the caller worked for Wayne Memorial Hospital and that Miller’s wife had been in a serious car accident. Miller was rattled by the call, but something didn’t seem right. He noticed the call was coming from the 404 area code. As he questioned the caller, he was told that his wife was not in an accident but was being held hostage by the caller. The caller demanded that a ransom be paid and he began to tell where Miller was to leave the money. But by now Miller was concerned and angry.

via The Press-Sentinel

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