Kilo of bath salts off the streets in Savannah

A huge load of bath salts is off the street following a Savannah drug bust.Investigators say both the seller and the buyer originally thought the drugs were molly, an extremely pure form of ecstasy.That confusion over what the drugs were is one of the scariest parts of this story, but agents say it’s pretty common.Savannah Chatham Counter Narcotics Team agents arrested 21 year old Darius Collins early this month as part of the undercover bust, he faces multiple felony drug charges. Twenty-two year old Lance Flesher also faces multiple drug felonies. Both were arrested in Savannah’s Eastside.The counter narcotics team says if the kilo of drugs had been sold as molly they would have netted up to $300,000.The drugs are known to cause violent psychotic episodes.Agents say they are often made outside the United States where manufacturing is not regulated.They say the makers of the drugs typically label them “not intended for human consumption” and can use any combination of unknown ingredients they choose.CNT Agent Gene Harley says, “It’s made up of an unknown chemical makeup that they’re choosing to ingest in their body. And it’s because of this in these reactions that it’s even more of a danger to themselves because as they go to the hospital for treatment in most cases these doctors report that they don’t even know what to start looking for when they’re trying to treat these people.”This news follows the hospitalization of at least eight people in Brunswick after using a similar drug called Crazy Clown.Authorities say it is a synthetic incense or marijuana.Last year Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill outlawing all forms of bath salts and synthetic marijuana.Since that time agents have found only two area stores selling the illegal drugs.

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