Gov. Deal denies raising education spending to boost re-election chances

Gov. Nathan Deal denied re-election opponent Jason Carter’s charges Thursday that he boosted education spending in the new state budget to win votes.

The budget was approved by the legislature in March for the fiscal year that begins July 1. The Republican governor said it was the Democratic challenger Carter, a state senator, who plays politics by voting for all of Deal’s budgets until this year.

“Every single year I have been governor, we’ve increased the education funding, and the first three years Jason Carter has saw fit to vote for my budgets that included those increases in k-12 funding,” Deal told reporters. “Only in this year when he decided he wanted to be governor, which included the largest single restoration of k-12 funding, did he vote against it. I think the conclusion is pretty clear: that is a political statement on his part.”

Deal is responding to ads and stump speeches by Carter accusing the incumbent of cutting the state education budget more than any Georgia governor.

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