Former Habitat affiliate director charged with felony theft

Joel E. Kellam, 56, of 201 Fairway Drive, Americus was charged this week with theft by conversion, a felony charge involving the wrongful use of funds of another person or entity. Kellam is the former executive director of New Horizons Habitat for Humanity.

District Attorney Plez Hardin told the Times-Recorder the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Region 3 Office completed its inquiry and evidence was presented on Monday to a Sumter County Grand Jury. Kellam was indicted on one count of theft by conversion. Hardin said indictments do not describe the total retribution amount in such cases, but the DA said at the time the crime was committed, Georgia law considered an amount over $500 a felony. The law has since been changed to $1,500.

Hardin said other persons were subject to indictment, but Kellam was the only who has been charged.

Americus Times-Recorder

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