Former Enterprise editor moves to WJCL

chrisFormer Brantley Enterprise editor Chris Buchanan has taken a giant step into his future — and perhaps that of the media as a whole.

Chris has taken a position as Digital Executive Producer at WJCL News in Savannah.

In his new post, Chris is responsible for placement of breaking news and special features on the station’s website at

While his post as editor of the Enterprise allowed him to become very familiar with news writing and editing as well as layout and design, recently he had become increasingly interested in — and quite proficient at — website design, updating and maintenance.

Soon after sending his resume to WJCL, he got a call from station officials who said they were looking for someone with web experience who also was well versed in AP style.

That conversation led to an interview one day after which he was offered the job and asked to start the very next Monday.

One thought on “Former Enterprise editor moves to WJCL

  • May 29, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Christopher! We are so happy for you! It couldn’t be soon enough for you, right? Don’t get so “UP” there that you forget where family & friends await your return!! Congratulations !!!! Give your Mom & Dad our hellos, please!


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