Brantley deputies make drug arrest, get kidnapping complaint

Scott Ammons (36) was arrested and charged with Possession and use of Drug Related Objects/Drugs not in Original Container.   While speaking with a subject who was on probation at the Friendly Express deputies noticed a prescription bottle in the vehicle.  The deputies did a search of the vehicle under the fourth amendment waiver of the probation conditions and consent of the occupant.  Loose pills were found in a cigarette pack.  Ammons was transported to the Brantley County Detention Center. (No photo was available from the Brantley County Sheriff’s Office.)

Deputies responded to the 500 block of Duck Pond Rd in reference to Terroristic Threats and Acts.  Complainant stated they had been contacted by an unknown subject and told their son was being held for ransom.  The offender wanted $2000 to release the son.  The complainant asked the offender to tell them the last name of the son and the offender would not give the last name of the son and started cursing at the complainant. 

Deputies responded to the 2300 block of Dixon Rd in reference to Theft by Taking.  Complainant stated they had several auto parts taken including a rear end and hubs.  

Deputies responded to the 4600 block of Central Ave in reference to Theft by Taking.  Complainant stated someone had taken metal and an anvil from their property.  

Deputies responded to Happy Landing in reference to Financial Transaction Card Fraud/Theft by Deception.  Complainant stated the offender has been using their debit card without permission. 

Deputies responded to Janie Circle in reference to Harassing Phone Calls.  Complainant stated the offender has been calling and leaving vulgar and abusive messages.

Deputies responded to the 500 block of Williams Rd in reference to Theft by Taking.  Complainant stated someone stole the seat of their golf cart. 

Deputies were contacted at the Friendly Express in Hoboken by complainant in reference to Entering Auto.  Complainant stated someone stole her purse from her vehicle.

Deputies met with the complainant at the Brantley County Sheriff’s Office in reference to Theft by Deception.  Complainant stated they had met someone online and they obtained the complainant’s account number and deposited a large sum of money that was to be distributed to two other parties.  After the complainant sent the money to the other subjects the bank notified them the check was no good and the complainant would have to repay the money.  

Deputies responded to Matchez Trail in reference to Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated an unknown subject busted the glass out of the sliding glass door.

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