Blackshear publisher lambasts two commissioners seeking re-election

With only a couple of days left, it appears about half as many residents will show up to cast ballots during early voting as did back in November, 2012 when the red-hot sheriff’s race led the local ticket.

And that is sad.

Few races stir the electorate like deciding who will wear our community’s top badge but, in terms of long-term effect on life in our county, the choices available on the ballot for county commission this go-round also have great potential for ill or good.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions have been made by our commissioners over the past few years that can be debated. Not every decision has been perfect. Some good county workers have lost their jobs due to necessary cutbacks. Other changes have been required due to harsh economic realities. More than one county worker has complained bitterly about now having to pay a portion of health insurance costs. I’m sorry, but to them I say, welcome to the world a majority of American workers live in. There are few such costly benefits left.

The Blackshear Times


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