Bacon defeats Brantley in Saturday scrimmage

DSC_0074Stopping power was on the Herons’ side Saturday, but speed was not when they took on the Bacon County Raiders in a pre-season scrimmage that led to a 39-28 Raider victory.
The Raiders were the first out the gate with a strong push that netted them two successive touchdowns early in the first quarter, but the Herons began to get their beaks wet later when James Morgan took the ball in to narrow the gap 13-7 before the buzzer following the extra point by Mikel Collins.
Bacon continued the push using speed to their advantage in the second quarter and breaking away once for another touchdown and expanding their lead to 19-7. While the Raiders held off scoring in the first half, the Herons were also successful holding down yardage on the handful of through-the-middle plays attempted by Bacon to limit scoring.
Brantley stormed out of the gates in the third quarter thanks to Aaron Cerda who made a touchdown run from downtown only 11 seconds into the half bringing the score to 19-14 Raiders but Bacon County wasn’t ready to give up just yet and did the same less than a minute later expanding their lead once again 26-14.
Bacon hit the ground running again in the fourth expanding the lead to 33-14 with 10:30 left in the game but a strong play by Tristan Yeomans a couple of minutes later was enough to net the Herons 21 points.
Just seconds shy of the two minute warning Bacon demonstrated their skills once again taking the ball into the end zone extending their score to 39 points but Brantley County’s Bryan Sloan answered the challenge immediately afterward taking the ball in for the final score of the game at 2:03.
The game ended with a 39-28 victory for the Bacon County Raiders as a team but also a victory for Brantley’s special teams with Brantley making all extra point attempts in the game – something Bacon rarely accomplished throughout the competition missing numerous attempts at the goal posts.
The Saturday game was a make-up for the scheduled Friday game which was post-poned due to inclement weather and flooding.

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