Atlanta transit ranked one of world’s worst, just above Baghdad and Hanoi

Atlanta’s public transportation is often derided as insufficient to serve its metro populace; chronically late to the people who do use it; and underfunded (thanks in part to the economic reticence of several suburbs, such as Cobb County).

In a new report, Atlanta transit can add another unfortunate descriptor to the list: worse than, well, basically everything else.

In the international consulting firm Arthur D. Little’s “Future of Urban Mobility,” the city ranks 82nd on an index of 0-100 points “highlighting the mobility challenges cities face on a worldwide basis.” Unfortunately, the index only includes 84 major cities, which means Atlanta (about 32 points) only ranked higher than Baghdad (which, you’ll remember, is a major city in a country that has been ravaged by conflict for a decade) and Hanoi.

Columbus Ledger Enquirer.

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