Three indicted in Wayne train crash


Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson says an indictment has been returned in Wayne County Superior Court charging Randall Miller, Jody Savin and Jay Sedrish with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass in connection to the death of 27-year-old Sarah Jones, who was a camera assistant working on the set of ‘Midnight Rider’. She was killed in February 2014 when an oncoming train passed through the set.

Jones and several other members of the film crew were located on the railroad tracks and trestle at Doctortown Landing in Wayne County, when Jones was struck by the oncoming train. Other crew members were injured, but survived the collision.

Miller and Savin are the owners of the Unclaimed Freight Productions, Inc. which was filming ‘Midnight Rider.’ Sedrish was the Executive Producer for the film.

The district’s attorney office says they will not comment on this pending case.

Steve Lowry, whose law firm represents the family of Sarah Jones, tells News 3 that the criminal charges were “not a surprise.”

Sarah Jones’ parents have filed a civil suit in relation to their daughter’s death naming Miller and others from Unclaimed Freight. Another attorney from Lowry’s firm, Jeff Harris, told us when the civil suit was filed that the incident that caused Jones’ death was a clear cut case of negligence.

Lowry tells WSAV, our sister station in Savannah, that Sarah’s parents were informed of the criminal charges on Thursday. “They just want justice for their daughter,” Lowry says.


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